The Beginning

I grew up in South Mississippi on
a small farm. Growing up in a rural area, if i was not working, most of my time
was spent exploring in the woods or building something. I have had a passion
for making things since i was a small child, from flint knives to bow and
arrows, to tree houses and bridges. If I could scavenge the materials to
attempt an idea I would try it. 

Learning The Skills

My Father taught me many skills growing up, one of which was how to shoe horses. By my late teen years I had a small horse shoeing business established, and after working under and with some very talented horse shoers, (special thanks to John Christen and Russell Roger) this business blossomed into a full time career. I was very fortunate in this endeavor to be able to work for some really great trainers with extremely nice horses mostly Hunters and Jumpers. My clientele afforded me the opportunity to travel extensively, I have shod horses from coast to coast and Canada to South Florida.

The Family

In this time I met Kristin. We got married in 2002 and started a family. We have three children, Sarah, Ava, and Mace. As my family grew so did my business which meant that I travelled more and more. I was shoeing afar two weeks out of the month and shoeing semi-local (three states) the other two weeks. Around 2010-2011 I came to the realization that it was time to make a change to spend more time with my family. I also felt like I needed to serve my community in some form.

Becoming Fireman

After some soul searching, I decided to quit traveling and in 2012 I joined the Mobile Fire Rescue Department. This commitment has allowed me to serve my community. Because of the 24hr on 48hr off work schedule I still maintain all of my semi-local horse shoeing clientele. I am able to spend more time with the family and have time to build knives in my shop, which has turned into a family operation. I am fortunate to have kids that share my passion for creating things. To say I am busy is an understatement, but I truly love all the careers I am a part of and it is worth the time, effort and sweat donated.

The Bladesmith/Knife Maker

In 2008 I built my first real knife made from a truck coil spring. It was a blacksmith style dagger with a forged handle. I WAS HOOKED. From this point I fell down the deep and expansive rabbit hole of knife making and haven’t looked back. I set out on the mission to make the best knives that I am capable of making, and I am still striving to accomplish just that. The knife community is an incredible group of people willing to teach, give advice, share their knowledge, and help further the art of knife making in so many ways. I have learned from and been influenced by so many makers, there is not enough space here to give credit where credit is due. I joined the American Bladesmith Society and in June of 2022 I earned my Journeyman Smith stamp.

Southern Forge

I Incorporated my shoeing business and blacksmith shop in the mid 2000’s. The Southern Forge Logo has grown to encompass all things built in the shop, except knives with the Hults touch mark on them. The Hults Knives are made exclusively by me. The Southern Forge products are made in the shop by me and my family. We have big plans for Southern Forge.